Grant Areas

  • The Silver Lady Fund is willing to consider applications from organisations working with individuals and families in need, as well as those working at community level.
  • Applications from charitable organisations working in the UK and overseas with an annual income of less than £500,000 will be assessed based on their ability to provide evidence of impact in one or more of the following areas:
    • supporting the most vulnerable
    • providing emergency support in times of crisis
    • applying sustainable approaches to poverty reduction and prevention
    • building the resilience and long term capacity of those in need
  • Both capital and revenue grants are considered.
  • Applications from charitable organisations starting up or undergoing a period of development will also be considered proving they match the aims of our charity.
  • The Silver Lady Fund is particularly interested in addressing the causes and reducing the impacts of homelessness, including support for people making the transition into independent living.

Please see How We Work for examples of some of the initiatives we have supported in the past.


Grant Restrictions

No unsolicited applications will be considered – all applications are made through a network of professional organisations that will be vetted by the Trustees.

It is important to note that any application that does not meet the Vision, Mission and Aims of the Silver Lady Fund will not be considered by the Trustees.