Our aims

To be pro-active in stopping poverty before it begins, and improve quality of life where it already exists.

Our aims

To target our support to the most vulnerable while ensuring maximum impact.

Our aims

To support charities and projects in need of seed or development funding by providing a vital hand up when it is needed most.

Our aims

To enable individual donors or companies to establish personal connections with high quality projects in the UK and internationally that have been vetted and approved by our board of Trustees, including through regular progress and achievement reports.
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Help us address the root causes of poverty and support the vulnerable.

About The Silver Lady Fund

At the Silver Lady Fund, we aim to bring about positive change in the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable.

We know that poverty takes many forms and aim to provide those in need, both in the UK and internationally, with the tools they need in order to build a better life. The partners we work with ensure that those who are marginalised have access to the opportunities they need to free themselves from poverty, while providing emergency care in times of crisis.

Aspiration, income, education, good health and a strong support network are just some of the building blocks out of poverty we and our partners aim to provide, with a particular focus on those who are homeless or most disadvantaged.

Founded in 1880, the Silver Lady Fund has evolved to respond to the changing face of poverty. While the charity remains true to the ethos of compassionate giving of its founders – the Baxter family – its scope has broadened in order to more effectively address the roots of poverty.

We pride ourselves on direct giving as well as establishing personal links between donors and projects, and believe that through effective partnerships, small gestures can have big impacts.